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Die Wittelsbacher in Sárvár. Dem letzten Aufenthaltsort König Ludwig III. von Bayern



Special auction “Vintage Culture”

NEUMEISTER sets new standards in the vintage auctions sector, not only in terms of curation and quality, but also with regard to the presentation of the pieces offered. The approach of presenting fashion as a cultural history in a new dynamic context was a success, as the excellent results prove.

Special auction “Rudolf Neumeister Collection”

Almost 800 works of art were auctioned across three days with top results in sculptures and decorative arts thanks to international demand in particular.

Top results: 

NEUMEISTER distinguishes itself again in the confident handling of difficult provenance cases:
minutes before the March Fine Art auction, a settlement was agreed regarding two Meissen vases formerly from the Hermine Feist collection, Berlin, following negotiations with the lawyers of the collector's descendants.

Result: legal security for the buyers and removal of the entry from the Lost Art database.

 Top Results

€ 260,000 for Leo von Klenze's “View of Atran near Amalfi”
€ 222,000 for Theodoros Patros Vryzakis’s portrait of a "Young Greek Woman"
€ 107,000 for “Straßenszene im Tiergarten” by the Berlin-based secessionist Lesser Ury
€ 88,900 for "At Chiemsee - The Bathers" by Leo Putz




Double Jubilee: NEUMEISTER turns 60, Katrin Stoll celebrates 10 years leading the company

New Corporate Identity: NEUMEISTER’s New Look: clearer, more factual, younger





Charity Auction „Helping Without Limit“ to benefit the Hilfsverein Nymphenburg e.V. on the occasion of the 85th birthday of HRH The Duke of Bavaria.

Top result: A C-print by Andreas Gursky achieves a hammer price of 140.000 Euros




Special Auction Dr. Alfred Ziffer.

NEUMEISTER successfully auctions off one of the most important private collections of (predominantly) Nymphenburg porcelain


Our outstanding results reflect the forefront of developments on the art market, including particular OLD MASTERS. The record price of 450 million Dollars for a Salvator Mundi painting by Leonardo da Vinci, achieved in New York in November 2017, highlights the trend. Investment in art, whether it be OLD MASTERS or works from the MODERN period, continues to promise long-term stability and attractive return, simply because good art is a rare commodity sought after by collectors and dealers from Europe, the USA and Asia.



Special Auction „From a Franconian Private Collection“:

Best 19th century, impeccable provenance, 236 lots, 2 hours, almost 100 per cent sold




Special Auction „Private Collection Karl Wormser“:

Fascinating collector, legendary collection, 127 lots, 90 minutes, 99 per cent sold


Germany’s recently passed Act to Protect German Cultural Property now presents new challenges for the art and auction sectors in this country. Nevertheless, last year we achieved a host of top results throughout our specialist areas, from Old Masters and Decorative Arts to Classical Modern and Contemporary Art. Our relative new field of Jewellery also proved to be a veritable shoot ing star; here too, we can attribute the many excellent results achieved to the outstanding quality of the works put up for sale. 


A stellar year for special sales at NEUMEISTER:


29 October: "Paintings of the 18th to 20th century from the former collection of Dr. Georg Schäfer, Schweinfurt".


A portrait of the Bavarian Princess Auguste Amalie de Beauharnais, painted by Andrea Appiani in1809, is auctioned for over EUR 300,000.


Spitzweg‘s “Girl with Goat“ was sold to the Grohmann Museum in the USA for EUR 66,000.


 Almost 100 per cent is sold.


28 November: Special sale “Expressionist Prints from the Private Estate of Diethild and Lothar-Günther Buchheim“


achieves a sales quota of almost 100%, doubling the original total estimate.


3 December: The Jubilee Auction “90 Years of Rudolf Neumeister“


presenting 90 rarities from a range of genres representing over 600 years of art history, also achieved superb results.


Sensational special sale of over 100 paintings “From the Wittelsbach and Habsburg Estates” in September.

Buyers included the administration of Schönbrunn Palace, the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin and Clemenswerth Palace in the Emsland region.

Virtually all lots were sold on this evening, almost doubling the original overall estimate.


In cooperation with Munich-based art dealers Kunsthandlung Röbbig, NEUMEISTER presents a symposium on tobacco boxes with high-calibre speakers.

NEUMEISTER holds a special sale of the inventory from Teisbach Castle, achieving a sales quota of over 90 per cent.


21 works on paper by Adolph von Menzel from a superb private collection are snapped up at a NEUMEISTER special sale that attracts international attention.

All 21 works achieved top bids with a 100% sales quota; the original estimate was exceeded sixfold, generating total sales of EUR 1.4 million.

A private collection of 62 works by Heinrich von Zügel is eagerly received by sellers.


NEUMEISTER holds an interdisciplinary symposium on the theme of Silver to mark the 90th birthday of Munich’s internationally famous silver expert, Dr. Helmut Seling.

Prestigious speakers include the Director of the “Green Vault”, Prof. Dr. Dirk Syndram; Timothy Schroder, The Silver Society London; and Dr. Annette Schommers, with Egidius Roidl from the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum.


Special sale from the estate of the important Art Nouveau collector, Prof. Kurt Liebermeister.

His magnificent collection of around 470 items almost 100% sales, with original estimates quadrupled in many cases.


Katrin Stoll commissions art historian Meike Hopp to appraise the history of NEUMEISTER’s predecessor organisation, “Kunsthandlungen Adolf Weinmüllers in München und Wien 1936-1945”.

The commission is a public-private partnership between the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte (project management), NEUMEISTER, and the Provenance Research Office (AfP), Berlin (Stiftung Preußischer Kulturgutbesitz).

Prestigious Munich lawyer Prof. Dr. Wolf-Rüdiger Bub joins the company as a partner.


The auction house celebrates its 50th anniversary. Katrin Stoll becomes Associate Partner. Rudolf Neumeister retires from active business.

Special Auction: 


"African Art - Bareiss Collection".

A total of 110 lots, including a selection of 87 pieces from the exhibition catalogue KILENGI: African Art from the Bareiss Collection, the catalogue book published in 1997 by the Kestner Gesellschaft in Hanover for the show of the same name, as well as other important exhibits, such as a crucifix from the Congo, Zaire, 18th/19th century, which was exhibited in the exhibition "Africa: The Art of a Continent" at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, as well as the Guggenheim Museum New York.


Record price EUR 460,000 (hammer price without buyer’s premium) for Carl Spitzweg‘s painting „The Enamoured Provisor“.


The Friends of the Haus der Kunst, Munich, commission NEUMEISTER to auction their entire collection.

The auction is overseen by Rudolf Neumeister’s daughter, Katrin Stoll.

With an overall estimate of around EUR 1 million, almost 100 per cent of the items offered are sold, with sales totalling EUR 5.4 million.

The House of Wittelsbach entrusts the auction of the Bavarian “Königsservice” to NEUMEISTER.

The porcelain dinner service was a gift celebrating the golden wedding of the last King of Bavaria, Ludwig III, and Maria Theresa, Arch-Duchess of Habsburg-Este, in 1918. The entire service is sold to the Nymphenburg Royal Porcelain Manufactory for EUR 230,000.

Record price EUR 380,000 (hammer price without buyer’s premium) for Carl Spitzweg‘s painting „The Commander of the Fort“




Special Auction of further items from the collection of Georg Schäfer, Schweinfurt, with almost 100% sales quota.

Record price EUR 700,000 (hammer price without buyer’s premium) is achieved for Carl Spitzweg’s painting “Peace Through the Land" 




Special sale of the broadly based collection of Dr. Christian Wolters.

The art historian, natural scientist and restorer brought the Doerner Institute to global fame. His collection spans Art Nouveau and applied arts, paintings, works on paper, sculptures, ceramics and African and Japanese art.


Record price DM 1.3 million (hammer price without buyer’s premium) for Carl Spitzweg’s painting “Arrival of the Stage Coach“

Carl Spitzweg
(1809 München - 1885 ebenda)
Ankunft der Postkutsche, 1859.

AUKTION 312, 27. Jun. 2001
Sitzgarnitur, siebenteilig
Frankreich (?), 18. Jh.
Aus der Sammlung Valentin A. Mayring

AUKTION 311, 21. März 2001
Carl Spitzweg
(1809 München - 1885 ebenda)
Friede im Lande, 1846.

AUKTION 311, 21. März 2001


Record price DM 2.4 million (hammer price without buyer’s premium) for Carl Spitzweg’s painting “The Eternal Bridegroom”.

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
(1793 Wien - 1865 Mödling b. Wien)
Mutterglück, 1857.

AUKTION 309, 27. Sept. 2000
Österreich, wohl 12. Jh.

AUKTION 310, 06. Dez. 2000
Carl Spitzweg
(1808 München - 1885 ebenda)
Der ewige Hochzeiter

AUKTION 309, 27. Sept. 2000


Auction of part of the collection of Georg Schäfer, Schweinfurt, in einer Sonderauktion.

Record price DM 950,000 (hammer price without buyer’s premium) for Carl Spitzweg’s painting „The Sentinel on the Bastion“

Meister des Pulkauer Altares
Beweinung Christi, Anfang 16. Jh.

AUKTION 306, 01. Dez. 1999
Carl Spitzweg
(1808 München - 1885 ebenda)
Der Wachtposten

AUKTION 304, 23. Jun. 1999
Auguste Rodin
(1840 Paris - 1917 Meudon)
Der Kuss, 1898 - 1918.

Sonderauktion Sammlung-Dr.-Georg-Schäfer-Stiftung, Schweinfurt
27. Feb. 1999


NEUMEISTER is entrusted with the collection of writer Paul Eipper.

His outstanding collection of graphic art, including the entire portfolio of “Fridericus Rex” and colour lithographs by Lovis Corinth, survived the Second World War by being concealed in walled-up niches at Eipper’s Berlin home.

Lovis Corinth
(1858 Tapiau - 1925 Zandvoort)
Das Graphische Werk von Lovis Corinth, Detail, 1920/21.

Auktion 24, 13. Nov. 1998
Lovis Corinth
Entwurf zum Titelblatt Fridericus Rex (Mappe 1), 1921/22.

Auktion 24, 13. Nov. 1998
Lovis Corinth
Fridericus Rex - König Friedrich und sein Kreis
(Teil einer Folge von 45 Farblithographien), 1922.

Auktion 24, 13. Nov. 1998


The estate of theatre actress Maria Wimmer is auctioned in a unique special sale. Wimmer and her husband, lawyer Dr Otto Seemüller, were connoisseurs of modern art.

NEUMEISTER auctioned works by Christian Rohlfs, Emil Nolde and Max Pechstein.

Christian Rohlfs
(1849 Niendorf - 1938 Hagen)
Herr im Frack und Tänzerin, 1912.

Auktion 19, 15. Mai 1996
Emil Nolde
(1867 Nolde - 1956 Seebüll)
Chrysanthemen mit Frauenkopf, 1920-1930.

Auktion 19, 15. Mai 1996


Further special sales of MODERN ART. A work by Otto Mueller is sold for DM 1.4 million.


Katrin Stoll, née Neumeister, today Associate Partner at NEUMEISTER, joins the family company as a limited partner. This year, the 25th anniversary of the auction house, over 13,000 items are auctioned.

Hans Peisser
(before 1505, nee Hassfurt, 1526 - 1553 in Nuremberg, 1562 - 1571 in Prague documented)
Towel holder with Caritas-Relief

Auction 217, September 14-15, 1983
Kronach, Franconian Gallery, Branch Museum of the Bavarian National Museum
Hans Leinberger
(active in Landshut in the 1st third of the 16th century)
Beautiful Mary of Regensburg

Auction 203, July 1/2, 1983
Regensburg, Museum of the city of Regensburg
Balthasar Permoser
(1651 Chamber b. Traunstein - 1732 Dresden)
Selenium from an Endymion group

Gallery Neumeister
Munich, Bavarian National Museum


Auction of 54 Gothic sculptures from the Oertel Collection: 68 minutes, DM 5.1 million. Bidders include the Württemberg State Museum and Bavarian National Museum.

Mother of God on the crescent moon
Nuremberg around 1460
Auction Oertel Collection, November 5, 1979

Nuremberg, Kaiserburg, Bavarian administration of the state castles, gardens and lakes
Torture of St. Sebastian
Upper Rhine around 1490
Auction Oertel Collection, November 5, 1979

Munich, Bavarian National Museum
Coronation of Mary
Tyrol around 1340
Auction Oertel Collection, November 5, 1979

Stuttgart, Württemberg State Museum


The company moves into new premises at 37, Barer Strasse.

Upper Swabia around 1650/70
Dragon fight of St. George

Auction 180, March 8-10, 1978
Diocesan Museum Freising
Master of the Coburg round sheets (active on the Upper Rhine, end of 15th century)
Mother of God in the halo

Auction 185, November 29/30, 1978
Colmar, Musée d'Unterlinden
Niklaus Weckmann (um 1450/55 - nach 1526, tätig in Ulm)
Hl. Katharina von Alexandria

Auktion 181, 26./27. April 1978
Ulm, Ulmer Museum


Purchase of business premises at 37, Barer Strasse. After four years of conversion and rebuilding by the architects’ office of Zangenberg und Rheinberger, the auction house can boast 1,200 sqm of business space, an underground car park and showrooms.

The company is renamed “NEUMEISTER Münchener Kunstauktionshaus”.

Francois Duquesnoy
(1594 Brussels - 1643 Livorno)
Boy bust

Gift from Rudolf Neumeister 1974
Munich, Bavarian National Museum
Upper Rhine around 1480/90
Adoration of the Holy Three Kings

Auction 155, June 19/20, 1974
Colmar, Musée d'Unterlinden
Franz Johan Dreyer (Reval, Master 1704 - 1712)
Lidded Pumps

Auction 153, May 8/9, 1974
Hamburg, Altona Museum


The company is renamed “Neumeister KG, vorm. Münchener Kunstversteigerungshaus Adolf Weinmüller“.


The company’s 100th auction.

Michael Zürn the Elder
(1617 - 1651)
St. Rochus

Gallery Neumeister, 1966
Stuttgart, Württemberg State Museum
Dominikus Saler
(Augsburg, active 1696 - 1718)
Lidded cup

Gallery Neumeister, 1966
Karlsruhe, Baden State Museum
Balthasar Permoser
(1651 Chamber b. Traunstein - 1732 Dresden)

Auction 100, June 22/24, 1966
Munich, Bavarian National Museum


The first auction of Modern Art is held in addition to the regular auctions.

Michael Johann Wittmer
(1802 Murnau - 1880 Munich)
By the sweet waters of Asia (detail)

Auction 93, March 17/19, 1965
Munich, Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Neue Pinakothek
Veit Stoß
(Horb around 1445 - 1533 Nuremberg)
St. Vitus in the oil boiler

Gallery Neumeister, 1965
Nuremberg, Germanic National Museum
Oskar Schlemmer
(1888 Stuttgart - 1943 Sehringen b. Badenweiler)
Railing scene

Auction 97, November 5, 1965
Stuttgart, permanent loan from the Ministry of Culture of Baden-Württemberg

Auction of the estate of a Southern German film producer, with paintings by Wilhelm Leibl, Hans Purrmann and Carl Spitzweg under the hammer. Buyers include international celebrities such as Princess Soraya of Persia.


The collection of Igo Levi-Luzern enthralls bidders around the world and is sold to distinguished private collections and museums, including the Bavarian National Museum in Munich, the Germanic National Museum in Nurember, the Hamburg Museum for Arts and Crafts and the Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts.


Auction of the estate of the art collector and art dealer Otto Bernheimer, consolidating the status of the auction house at international level. From now on, established clientele includes important private collections and museums.


1 April: After the death of the company owner, Adolf Weinmüller, Rudolf Neumeister becomes a shareholder of “Münchener Kunstversteigerungshaus Adolf Weinmüller”, located in the Almeida Palace at 14, Brienner Strasse.

7 May: Rudolf Neumeister knocks down his first lot.

July: Rudolf Neumeister takes over the auction house of “Münchener Kunstversteigerungshaus Adolf Weinmüller” in a transaction arranged by the Bayerische Hypotheken- und Wechselbank. The original name of the company is kept at first, later receiving the addition of “Rudolf Neumeister”.