services: receive a valuation, taxation from our expert team of art historians and art market managers

Valuations and market identification, provenance research, collection and art consulting, estimates and art appraisals, optimisation of insurance valuations, heritage advice over disposal of estates, establishment of foundations, networking with external partners, inventories – the requirements imposed on a successful art auction house such as NEUMEISTER are manifold and demanding. And rightly so. Challenge us!

With a publicly appointed and sworn expert, Katrin Stoll, as our Managing Director and owner, at NEUMEISTER we attach great importance to appraisals and expert reports, and ensure they are compiled with the utmost expertise and care. Our team of experts specialises in a variety of aspects of valuation and can also call on an international network of experts and partners.

NEUMEISTER’s experts determine current prices and market values of artworks for auctions, estates and cases of damage. Aware of the potential volatility of prices on the art market, NEUMEISTER prepares estimates with the utmost precision close to the time they are required. Regular review and updating of artwork valuations are routine activities for our team of widely specialised experts.

Which artworks and artists are on the market, where are they being offered, and under what conditions? When is the best opportunity for buying or selling? Which works promise a good investment return, and which pieces match my collection? NEUMEISTER is at the cutting edge of current developments and markets to develop the best possible strategies for you. Our specialist art historians work hand in hand with external experts and partners, including archives and museum curators – also at international level. We conduct market research, analyse price tendencies and identify current trends on your behalf.

NEUMEISTER offers comprehensive expertise for you as a collector, from building up, updating and expanding your collection to restructuring, changing focus or selling. We provide customised solutions that are always aimed at improving your collection’s value over the long term.

Our core areas of specialisation are in art auctions and the various fields of expertise associated with them. We make no pretensions to knowing everything or doing everything. Instead, NEUMEISTER has established a proven, smoothly functioning global network of partners and experts to cover all services that extend beyond these core competencies. Our expertise and our network are also frequently called upon by family offices, testamentary executors, trustees of estates, lawyers and investment consultants.



Rechtzeitige Nachlassplanung ist eine sehr sinnvolle Angelegenheit. Kunstgegenstände werden dabei jedoch oft übersehen – was negative Folgen haben kann, da auch Kunst der Erbschaftsteuer unterliegt. Im ungünstigsten Fall können Erben gezwungen sein, Kunstwerke aus dem Nachlass zu verkaufen, nur um die Steuer bezahlen zu können. Rechtsanwältin Victoria Zwoelfer, Inhouse Juristin bei NEUMEISTER, erklärt, was man beim Erben und Vererben von Kunst beachten sollte.