Art and commerce

The constant commercialization of all areas of life is one of Banksy's heartfelt themes. This is also the subject of the screen print "Banksquat (Grey)".

The work pays homage to the New York post-graffiti pioneer Jean-Michel Basquiat. It shows a small family in front of a Ferris wheel. Its cabins are replaced by Basquiat's typical crown symbols. The connection is quickly made: After Basquiat's death, many companies used his art to market and sell their own products. Banksy questions this, in his view, unrestrained commercialization.





Rechts unten mit weißem Filzstift signiert. Links unten Blindstempel des Künstlers. Serigraphie in schwarz und weiß auf grauem Karton.
Eines von 300 Exemplaren. 
Hrsg. Banksy, Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
65 x 70 cm. Blattgröße: 75 x 70 cm.

 Mit einem Echtheitszertifikat von Pest Control, ausgestellt am 21/2/2023

 Provenienz: Gross Domestic Product (GDP), London. Privatbesitz Süddeutschland 


AUKTION 409 //
SCHÄTZPREIS € 60.000 – 80.000

Eastern European Blues

Eastern European artists always provide surprises at NEUMEISTER auctions. Václav Spála's flower still life from 1929 is also tailor-made for exciting bidding battles. The painting by the Czech painter and illustrator shows a still life with flowers in a simple folk jug, which is quite typical for the artist. The work is dominated by brilliant blue tones - the "Spála blue", the artist's trademark since 1927.


1885 ZLUNICE - 1946 PRAG



Links unten signiert und datiert "VSpála 29". Verso auf dem Keilrahmen mit der Werknummer 432 und mit Bleistift "Rottenberg" sowie Fragmente eines Ausstellungsetiketts.
Öl auf Leinwand.
82 x 66 cm.
Rahmen (98 x 82 cm).

Werkverzeichnis: Burget/Musil 432 (ohne Abb.)

Frau Rea Michalová hat die Arbeit mündlich bestätigt. Ein schriftliches Gutachten kann in Auftrag gegeben werden.

Provenienz: Von Rottenberg (Künsthändler) erworben. Seither süddeutscher Familienbesitz

Literatur: V. Spála, Soupis díla, Hrsg. Nadace Karla Svolinského a Vlasty Kubátové, Praha, 2002, S. 62.

Wir danken Frau Rea Michalová für Ihre freundliche Unterstützung bei der wissenschaftlichen Bearbeitung


 AUKTION 409 //
SCHÄTZPREIS € 30.000 – 50.000

Human image 


The German painter and sculptor Horst Antes caused a sensation in the early 1960s with his motif of the rumpless cephalopod - after all, he was one of the first artists in post-war Germany to leave abstraction behind and allow the human being to reappear in the picture. His works have attracted worldwide attention and are represented in some of Germany's largest collections, including those in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. Horst Antes participated three times in the documenta in Kassel and won prizes at the Biennales of Venice in 1966 and Sao Paulo in 1992.


1936 Heppenheim - lebt in Berlin, Karlsruhe und Florenz



Verso signiert, datiert und betitelt.
Aquatec und Öl auf Leinwand.
90 x 70 cm. 

Provenienz: Privatbesitz Süddeutschland


AUKTION 409 //
SCHÄTZPREIS € 30.000 – 50.000

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Ipek Blask M.A.

20th and 21st-Century Paintings, Drawings, Prints and Works on Paper, Sculptures

Ipek Blask’s specialisation in modern and contemporary art evolved over many years working in leading contemporary art galleries in Munich where she was responsible for pricing and cataloguing objects for acquisitions and sales. This ultimately culminated in her intensive involement in the very successful auction of the ‘Haus der Kunst Collection’ at NEUMEISTER in 2006. Ipek Blask, who studied art history, Islamic art and archaeology in Bamberg, now works in our core segment MODERN & CONTEMPORARY ART where she is responsible for valuations and the professional cataloguing of works on paper, prints and sculptures. Ipek Blask would be pleased to provide expertises and valuations on 20th and 21st-century items as well as advice on selling artworks. 

Island Happiness

From the estate of the entrepreneur and psychoanalyst Dr. Lotte Köhler

several paintings by Max Peiffer Watenphul are offered for sale, which show, among other things, places and landscapes on Ischia. The artist loved the then little-known island near Naples, where numerous German painters worked, including Werner Gilles, Rudolf Levy, Hans Purrmann and Eduard Bargheer. In the 1950s Peiffer Watenphul visited 

Ischia again and again. The stays on the island were particularly happy for him - a state of mind that is also reflected in the wonderful oil paintings from the estate of Lotte Köhler.


Works of the documenta stars 

The documenta is considered the world's most important series of contemporary art exhibitions. Under the label of "Young Collectors," the June auction will feature several works by artists who were featured at the show, which has repeatedly shaken the art world. Works by Mike Kelley, Joseph Beuys, Martin Kippenberger and Mo Edoga, among others, will be called for at moderate estimated prices. For newcomers, this is an ideal opportunity to lay the foundation for a collection of contemporary art with a manageable investment.




Old German wave

For anyone who thinks in drawers, it must have been a real delight to file files in this noble piece of furniture. At first glance, the cabinet seems inconspicuous, because its true character is hidden behind four powerful doors, which form a front with charming geometric wave decor. You also have to look for the (deliberately hidden) keyhole first. But if you then turn the large key, 33 drawers appear, numbered consecutively in graceful maple marquetry. Remarkable is the authentic state of preservation with original fittings. Gable form and the characteristic arched wave profiles speak for a manufacturing by a Leipzig carpenter.


Leipzig, dat. 1707

AUKTION 409 // 
SCHÄTZPREIS € 14.000 – 16.000

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Dr. Bettina Schwick M.A.

Furniture, Sculptures, Textiles

Bettina Schwick’s specialist fields are, on the one hand, 18th-century furniture – especially French ébénisterie (cabinet-making) – that has fascinated her to this day ever since her publication of an inventory catalogue on the historical furnishings of Ludwigsburg Palace and, on the other hand, medieval and Baroque sepulchral sculpture in Southern Germany, which she analysed in depth in her master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation. After graduating in art history from the universities of Würzburg and Munich, Bettina Schwick was a research fellow in the administrative department of the State-owned Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. This intensive involvement with historical furniture soon led her to London, Zurich and Amsterdam. As Junior Cataloguer in the Department of French and Continental Furniture at Sotheby’s she was involved in the auction ‘Of Royal and Noble Descent’, among other projects. Since her return to Munich at the end of 2001 Bettina Schwick has been in working in the core segment FINE ART at NEUMEISTER as the expert responsible for historical furniture, sculpture, furnishings and textiles. 

New trends in the bedroom

You like it streamlined in the bedroom? The toilet table and the two cabinets made of highly polished aluminum, which probably belonged to a bedroom interior, are an absolute rarity! The spacey and exclusive objects were manufactured around 1939/40 by Hawker Airkraft Ltd in Great Britain and quickly became favorites of the trendy avant-garde.

Ausführung Hawker Aircraft Ltd., U.K., um 1940 


AUKTION 409 //
SCHÄTZPREIS € 4.000 - 5.000

Ausführung Hawker Aircraft Ltd., U.K., um 1940 


AUKTION 409 //
SCHÄTZPREIS € 3.000 - 4.000

Ausführung Hawker Aircraft Ltd., U.K., um 1940 


AUKTION 409 //
SCHÄTZPREIS € 1.500 - 2.000


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Dr. Bärbel Wauer

Art Nouveau, Art Deco

While working in the Art Nouveau department at the municipal museum in Munich, the Münchner Stadtmuseum, under Dr. Martha Dreesbach, Bärbel Wauer developed her special interest in and great passion for Munich ‘Jugendstil’ in particular. After gaining a doctorate on the conceptual history of Expressionism, followed by internships at the Bavarian National Museum under Dr. Rückert, Bärbel Wauer joined NEUMEISTER in 1982. At the same time she was responsible for the concept and organisation of the Munich art and antiques fair, the Kunst-Messe München, over a number of years. Her immense experience in the appraisal and pricing of artworks is based on her more than 20-year cooperation on the Art Award Yearbook in the field of decorative arts, jewellery and furniture. For a confidential, precise appraisal and valuation of Art Nouveau and Art Deco objects, please contact Bärbel Wauer, the Art Nouveau, Art Deco and glass expert at NEUMEISTER. Her skill and expert knowledge enabled us to appraise and value the internationally highly regarded Prof. Kurt Liebermeister Collection of Art Nouveau and Murano glass, among others. 


Will raise dust

For friends of oriental subjects, Otto Pilny is at the top of the wish list - also because it is noticeable in the works that the man knew what he was painting. In 1885, Pilny embarked on his first trip to Egypt, spending the next two years (accompanied only by his dog) on the caravan route between Cairo and Tripoli - the landscapes there, together with their moods (of light), would shape his work for the rest of his life.

Otto Pilny's painting "Sunrise in the Desert" will certainly raise a lot of dust among art lovers in the auction. The atmospheric depiction shows a group of Bedouins setting out on an arduous journey through the desert. Three riders, two on horseback and one on a camel, are accompanied by six men and a child who are on foot. Behind the mountains on the horizon rises the sun, whose glistening yellow dominates the entire background, while around the travelers in the foreground the gentle desert wind stirs up the sand.




1866 Budweis - 1936 Zürich



Öl auf Leinwand
120 x 180 cm 

Provenienz: Aus einer süddeutschen Privatsammlung


AUKTION 409 //
SCHÄTZPREIS € 30.000 – 40.000

"Bottle nosed"

Lovis Corinth led a dissolute life; he was not averse to alcohol. His lifestyle habits took their toll, and the artist repeatedly addressed his own decline in harrowing self-portraits. Now up for bid is "The Old Drinker," an early work by the then 31-year-old artist. A truly high-percentage work.



1858 Tapiau - 1925 Zandvoort




Öl auf Lwd.
75 x 59 cm. 

Provenienz: Galerie Commeter, Hamburg. - Kunsthaus Brakl, München (1922).- Sammlung Georg Schäfer, Schweinfurt. - Neumeister, Sonderauktion "Bilder aus Sammlung Georg Schäfer I", 24. Februar 2005, Kat.-Nr. 14. - Süddeutsche Privatsammlung.


AUKTION 409 //
SCHÄTZPREIS € 35.000 – 40.000

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Dr. Rainer Schuster M.A.

Pre-20th-Century Paintings, Miniatures, Prints and Works on Paper, Books

Rainer Schuster was able to fulfil a very personal childhood dream by studying art history. Already familiar with the various aspects of art in the south of Germany from his youth, he was able to deepen his knowledge – especially of 17th and 18th century painting – under Prof. Hermann Bauer. Schuster concluded his study of art history in Munich and Vienna with a dissertation on the Bavarian copperplate engraver Michael Wening. Immediately after gaining his doctorate he began a three-year internship at the Bavarian Administration of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes.


In 1998, he moved to NEUMEISTER, initially as an expert on prints, works on paper and books and, from 2003 onwards, for Old Masters and 19th and early 20th-century artists. Since January 2011 Rainer Schuster has headed our core segment FINE ART and is available for valuations of prints, works on paper and paintings from the 15th to the early 20th century. Thanks to his extensive art-historical knowledge, numerous objects, originally consigned as works of unknown masters, have already been accurately attributed to specific artists, as in the case of an important drawing by Friedrich Sustris of a design for St. Michael’s Church in Munich. The highly acclaimed catalogue for our special auction of 21 works by Adolph von Menzel in 2012, compiled by Rainer Schuster, is not only further evidence of his expert knowledge but also of his ability to convey his own enthusiasm for art to our customers.