A tradition of success: NEUMEISTER Special Sales

In 2015, NEUMEISTER’s special sale of paintings from the former collection of Dr Georg Schäfer achieved a sensational sales quota of almost 100 per cent. The special sale of “Expressionist Prints From The Private Estate of Diethild and Lothar-Günther Buchheim” likewise brought a virtually 100 per-cent sales quota and doubled the total estimated price. The Jubilee Auction “90 Years of Rudolf Neumeister” delivered an array of top sales results. This list could be continued indefinitely.

What is the secret to NEUMEISTER’s success, particularly in special sales? The factors that contribute to our success include:

  • Extensive experience from almost sixty years of company tradition
  • The broadly based and in-depth art expertise of our company
  • Excellent connections to the most important collections (and collectors) worldwide
  • Close-knit network of archives, museums and specialists
  • Meticulous provenance research offering clear benefits for purchasers and sellers alike

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