- Hl. Jungfrau

auction 388, Lot 91

Jewellery Auction on 15 July 2020


Hl. Jungfrau

€ 15.000 to € 20.000


€ 38.100 (incl. 27 % buyer's commission)

Virgin Saint
Circle of Master of Seeon (active in Mühldorf 1425-1445), circa 1450

Hardwood, full-round and hollowed out. Original polychromy with minor losses. Profiled oval base added later. Height (with pedestal) 45.5 cm. Two-dimensional, delicately designed physiognomy of restrained, cheerful expression.

Regarding the type of head, compare the Madonna of the Master of Seeon in Taufkirchen (History Centre and Museum Mühldorf a. Inn) or a female saint in the Bavarian National Museum (Inv.-No. MA 4233) from the masters workshop production. It is possible that this sculpture served as a model for a silver reliquary bust: the silver bust-reliquary of St. Zeno from Isen, which was made in Salzburg after 1451, can be traced back to a wooden model by the Master of Seeon. Cf. the current exhibition of the Bavarian National Museum in Munich "Silberkopf. Die Büste des heiligen Zeno aus Isen" with accompanying publication, in particular Weniger, Matthias, Die Zeno-Büste und der Meister von Seeon, in: Silberkopf. The Bust of St. Zeno from Isen, edited by Frank Matthias Kammel. Munich 2020, pp. 53-65. Provenance: German private collection.