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The Lamentation of Christ

Hans Klocker (before 1474 Gais? - after 1500), circa 1495/1500


The Virgin supporting Christ on her lap, his head and legs supported by St John and Mary Magdalene. Strongly carved draped robes. Housed within a shrine with twisted columns and openwork tracery, before a golden background with halos. Pine wood with old polychrome painting, restored, scuffed. 74 x 63 cm. According to the expertise by Dr. Hofstätter and Dr. Wolfsgruber it is probably the predella for Klockers St Barbara altar from Castelfeder in South Tyrol; a proportionally and stylistically matching shrine can be found today in the chapel at Schloss Tirol near Merano. This lamentation group is very comparable in terms of composition to the one on the predella of Klockers Tramin altarpiece in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum Munich (inventory number MA 1952.4-6). Expertise by Dr. Wolfgang Hofstätter, Vienna, 10/10/1962 - Letter from Karl Wolfsgruber from 17/05/2002. Provenance: Probably from St. Barbaras Chapel in Castelfeder/South Tyrol - W. Kaiser Collection / Fribuorg - Rudolf Kremayr Collection/Vienna-Perchtoldsdorf.

Literatur: Kat. Originalbildwerke in Holz, Stein, Elfenbein usw. aus der Sammlung Benoit Oppenheim Berlin. Leipzig 1907, Kat. Nr. 16 mit Abb. 25.