Hermann Kaulbach

Hermann Kaulbach

pseudonym: -

birth data

date of birth: 1846

place of birth: München

death data

date of death: 1909

death: ebenda


The painter Hermann Kaulbach was born in Munich, on 1846, as the only son of the well-known historian and later director of the Academy of Arts, Wilhelm von Kaulbach. His father took the young Hermann with him during his stay in Berlin, where until 1865 the pictures of a world history came into being in the staircase of the New Museum. Kaulbach quit his medical studies when Karl von Piloty discovered the artistic potential in the drawings of the young man, and offered him a place at his School. Since 1867, Kaulbach spent several years at Pilotys studio and they undertook a joint study trip to Venice. Kaulbach, inspired by Piloty, depicted historical themes in his genre pictures. In the years between 1880 and 1891 Kaulbach stayed in Rome for educational purposes. The painting The Coronation of St. Elisabeth brought Kaulbach an appointment as honorary member of the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, in 1886, and was awarded a golden honorary medal at the Berlin Jubilee Exhibition. In the same year, Kaulbach was appointed professor of historical painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. His first book for children, published in 1906, was a great success, appeared in several editions, and made Kaulbach known for his childrens portraits. Hermann von Kaulbach died, in 1909, at his hometown Munich.