Theodor Hosemann

Theodor Hosemann

pseudonym: -

birth data

date of birth: 1807

place of birth: Brandenburg

death data

date of death: 1875

death: Berlin


The painter, illustrator and cartoonist Theodor Hosemann was born in 1807 in Brandenburg an der Havel. At the age of 12, he joined as an apprentice the lithographic institute of Arnz and Winckelmann in Düsseldorf, earning 200 thalers a year as an illustrator three years later. Under Peter von Cornelius and Adolph Schroedter, Hosemann studied at the Academy in Düsseldorf. In 1828 the shareholder Winkelmann started working in Berlin as a freelancer, and Hosemann followed him relocating into the capital as an illustrator and making the double annual salary. He illustrated childrens books, and from 1830 onwards he worked for the Gropius publishing house. From 1834 onwards Hosemann also illustrated humorous drawings for the writings of the founder of the Berlin satirical folk literature, Adolf Glaßbrenner. The Berlin as it is and - drinks series were created and together they released the booklets Buntes Berlin from 1837 to 1853. From 1832, his paintings were also shown at the exhibitions of the Prussian Academy. Hosemann portrayed the Berlin folk life and the petty-bourgeois culture of Vormarz in a humorous and pithy manner. In the 1940s outstanding illustrations were produced, among others for Eugène Sue Secrets from Paris, for E. T. A. Hoffmann Collected Writings, and Jeremias Gotthelf Uli the Servant. In 1857 Hosemann was appointed professor at the Academy of Arts in Berlin. From 1866 onwards Hosemann taught at the general drawing school in Berlin, where Heinrich Zille was one of his students. In 1875 Theodor Hosemann died in Berlin. His works are, among others, exhibited in the Art Library and the National Gallery of the Berlin State Museums.