Katrin Stoll

Managing Director, Publically Appointed and Certified Art Auctioneer

Katrin Stoll has been the managing director of the NEUMEISTER auction house since 2008. As the daughter of Rudolf Neumeister, who acquired the Weinmüller auction house in 1958, she initially studied medicine in the early 1980s and completed an apprenticeship in furniture restoration before entering her father’s company in 1983 as a limited partner. This was followed by periods abroad at the auction houses Sotheby’s in London and Ader, Picard, Tajan in Paris. Since 1987 she has been working at NEUMEISTER where, as a publically appointed and certified expert for German Expressionism, she founded the department of MODERN & CONTEMPORARY ART.

In 2000, by this time also a qualified art auctioneer, she became a member of the company’s board of management and acquired one-third of the shares. After becoming the sole shareholder in 2008 she commissioned a research project, in conjunction with the Central Institute for Art History in Munich, to make a thorough reappraisal of the history of the Weinmüller auction house during the Nazi era and, following the spectacular find of annotated Weinmüller auction catalogues in the company’s cellars, to examine these in depth.

In addition to managing the auction house, the mother of three children lectures on market mechanisms in the art industry at the Institute of Art History at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. She is also a member of the acquisitions committee of the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, the executive board of the Akademieverein, the board of trustees of the foundation ‘Stiftung Lichtblick Hasenbergl’ and the governing body of the ‘Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Germany’, as well as a founding member of the ‘Friends of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation’ and a member of the advisory committee of the ‘Flick Förderstiftung’.

Carina Denn

Assistenz der Geschäftsleitung

Ihr Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre absolvierte sie am Bodensee an der RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten. Doch bald wurde ihr klar, dass sie in einer großen Stadt leben und arbeiten wollte. In diesem Sinne absolvierte sie während des Studiums erst ein Praktikum in München (Winter 2021) und dann ein Auslandssemester in Rom (Februar bis August 2022), bis es sie schließlich zurück nach München zog, um dort ab Februar 2023 eine Wohnung zu beziehen und als Werkstudentin bei Airbus zu arbeiten. In dieser Zeit kam dann über einen Freund auch der Kontakt zu NEUMEISTER zustande. 

Carina Denn (29) ist seit Jahresbeginn bei NEUMEISTER Assistentin der Geschäftsführung. An der Seite von Chefin Katrin Stoll ist sie damit ganz nah an den zentralen Planungen und Entscheidungen.

Elena Brunner B.A.

Academic assistance, provenance research

Born in Munich, Elena Brunner is responsible for provenance research at NEUMEISTER and is in constant contact with international museums, galleries and research projects. Her interests extend equally to the field of modern and contemporary art, which she accompanies in an assisting capacity. She completed her studies in art history at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich with a bachelor's thesis on theatrically staged photographs on the front during the Second World War. Elena Brunner is currently studying for a Master's degree with a focus on the interdisciplinary field of provenance research into looted and plundered art.

Inspired by the seminar "Market Mechanisms of the Art Trade", which Katrin Stoll held as part of a teaching assignment at Ludwig Maximilian University, she began her professional career at NEUMEISTER in 2022 with a five-month internship. She was then taken on as a working student. By working intensively on the special auction for the "Faußner Collection", she was given the opportunity to gain insights into the diversity of the collection as well as the complex processing, scientific classification and evaluation.


Dr. Rainer Schuster M.A.

Pre-20th-Century Paintings, Miniatures, Prints and Works on Paper, Books

Rainer Schuster was able to fulfil a very personal childhood dream by studying art history. Already familiar with the various aspects of art in the south of Germany from his youth, he was able to deepen his knowledge – especially of 17th and 18th century painting – under Prof. Hermann Bauer. Schuster concluded his study of art history in Munich and Vienna with a dissertation on the Bavarian copperplate engraver Michael Wening. Immediately after gaining his doctorate he began a three-year internship at the Bavarian Administration of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes.


In 1998, he moved to NEUMEISTER, initially as an expert on prints, works on paper and books and, from 2003 onwards, for Old Masters and 19th and early 20th-century artists. Since January 2011 Rainer Schuster has headed our core segment FINE ART and is available for valuations of prints, works on paper and paintings from the 15th to the early 20th century. Thanks to his extensive art-historical knowledge, numerous objects, originally consigned as works of unknown masters, have already been accurately attributed to specific artists, as in the case of an important drawing by Friedrich Sustris of a design for St. Michael’s Church in Munich. The highly acclaimed catalogue for our special auction of 21 works by Adolph von Menzel in 2012, compiled by Rainer Schuster, is not only further evidence of his expert knowledge but also of his ability to convey his own enthusiasm for art to our customers. 

Barbara Huber M.A.

Pre-20th-Century Paintings,  Prints and Works on Paper

Barbara Huber works in the FINE ART department where she is responsible for paintings and prints up until the early 20th century. She checks the authenticity and provenance of items, working closely in her research and cataloguing with the head of the FINE ART department, Dr. Rainer Schuster. Since 2008 Barbara Huber has also been working as an auctioneer, selling the artworks she has verified and catalogued herself to the highest bidder.


Barbara Huber studied art history in Munich, Siena and Venice, initially focussing entirely on the history of architecture. Even during her studies she worked in the Architecture Museum in the Pinakothek der Moderne and was involved in organising and curating the exhibition ‘Architektur der Wunderkinder’. After an internship at another Munich auctioneers’ and freelancing for the art market magazine ARTinvestor she oriented herself on the auction market. Her excellent knowledge of Italian has made Barbara Huber the preferita assoluta for many NEUMEISTER clients south of the Alps who hold the auction house in high esteem with regard both to the purchase as well as the sale of artworks and antiques.

Ludwig Sedlmaier M.A.

Research and cataloging of Fine Art from 15 until Beginning of 20 century

M ludwig.sedlmaier(at)

Born in Regensburg, Ludwig Sedlmaier works at NEUMEISTER mainly in the field of ancient art and supports colleagues there with his expertise. Instead of classical art history, he studied art and cultural history at the University of Augsburg, both at Bachelor's and Master's level. Ludwig Sedlmaier completed his studies in September 2023 with his Master's thesis on the Munich architectural painter Ludwig Mecklenburg and his painting of Venice. However, he was first drawn to the field of ancient history, where he helped catalog the numismatic collection of the University of Augsburg early on in his studies as part of the "Numid" project. Internships, including in art education at the Augsburg Municipal Art Collections, ultimately led him to art history.

Ludwig Sedlmaier's career at NEUMEISTER began in 2021 with an internship, where he was able to gain insights into a special auction "Art in Exile" in the very first weeks. After his internship, he was soon taken on as a working student. In the course of the "Hidden Treasures" special auction, Mr. Sedlmaier was also given the opportunity to catalog independently at an early stage. His main activity, however, is scientific research and supporting the experts at the company, as well as coordinating the online-only auctions.

Dr. Bettina Schwick M.A.

Furniture, Sculptures, Textiles

Bettina Schwick’s specialist fields are, on the one hand, 18th-century furniture – especially French ébénisterie (cabinet-making) – that has fascinated her to this day ever since her publication of an inventory catalogue on the historical furnishings of Ludwigsburg Palace and, on the other hand, medieval and Baroque sepulchral sculpture in Southern Germany, which she analysed in depth in her master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation. After graduating in art history from the universities of Würzburg and Munich, Bettina Schwick was a research fellow in the administrative department of the State-owned Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. This intensive involvement with historical furniture soon led her to London, Zurich and Amsterdam. As Junior Cataloguer in the Department of French and Continental Furniture at Sotheby’s she was involved in the auction ‘Of Royal and Noble Descent’, among other projects. Since her return to Munich at the end of 2001 Bettina Schwick has been in working in the core segment FINE ART at NEUMEISTER as the expert responsible for historical furniture, sculpture, furnishings and textiles. 

Dr. Bärbel Wauer

Art Nouveau, Art Deco

While working in the Art Nouveau department at the municipal museum in Munich, the Münchner Stadtmuseum, under Dr. Martha Dreesbach, Bärbel Wauer developed her special interest in and great passion for Munich ‘Jugendstil’ in particular. After gaining a doctorate on the conceptual history of Expressionism, followed by internships at the Bavarian National Museum under Dr. Rückert, Bärbel Wauer joined NEUMEISTER in 1982. At the same time she was responsible for the concept and organisation of the Munich art and antiques fair, the Kunst-Messe München, over a number of years. Her immense experience in the appraisal and pricing of artworks is based on her more than 20-year cooperation on the Art Award Yearbook in the field of decorative arts, jewellery and furniture. For a confidential, precise appraisal and valuation of Art Nouveau and Art Deco objects, please contact Bärbel Wauer, the Art Nouveau, Art Deco and glass expert at NEUMEISTER. Her skill and expert knowledge enabled us to appraise and value the internationally highly regarded Prof. Kurt Liebermeister Collection of Art Nouveau and Murano glass, among others. 

Dr. Doris Bachmeier M.A.

Ceramics, Porcelain, Glass, Silver, Timepieces, Vernacular Arts, Decorative Arts, Icons

A specialist in European decorative arts from the 16th to 19th century, Dr. Bachmeier particularly focuses on 18th century German silver, gold and porcelain. However, she has also addressed other areas of decorative arts in depth, starting in the Eighties with her master's thesis entitled “Joseph Hillerbrand – Munich Design in the 20ies and 30ies” and her doctoral dissertation for LMU Munich entitled “Life and work of Lorenz Gedon”. Dr Bachmeier has been with our company since 1988, first as the head of the Varia Department, and from 2004 as expert for our key department of Fine Art and Antiques. Recent special sales of “Majolica from the Bareiss Collection” and the “Bavarian Königsservice” from the estate of King Ludwig III, both of which were most successful and attracted international attention, marked some of the highlights of her work. Dr Bachmeier was a guest speaker at the 2007 Vinogradov conference in St. Petersburg (First International 18th Century Porcelain Scholarships Conference in Russia) and is involved in expert and valuation days hosted by NEUMEISTER in cooperation with the Bavarian National Museum. WIth long-standing experience and broadly based, extensive expertise, she is your specialist for any questions regarding decorative arts.


Gudrun Müller M.A.

20th/21st-Century Paintings, Drawings, Prints and Works on Paper, Sculptures

It was not only first after graduating from the Sorbonne, where Gudrun Müller focused on 20th-century art, that she established the direction her future career would take. Throughout her studies of art history in Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Paris she had always been actively involved in the art world, for example in exhibitions of works by the sculptor Camille Garbet in Meaux or the organisation of numerous cultural events at the Goethe Institut in Paris, as well as her work at for the ‘Monuments historiques’, the French cultural heritage trust in Pontoise and the South of France. In Germany, Gudrun Müller continued her professional career at the antiquarian book and art specialist Hauser in Munich, focusing on 17th to 20th-century prints and German first editions. In 2001 she came to NEUMEISTER and, since 2004, has been our expert for Classical Modernism and Post-War art. Gudrun Müller has also been in charge of the NEUMEISTER Gallery where many renowned collections, such as the Fritz Behn Collection, have been exhibited.

Ipek Blask M.A.

20th and 21st-Century Paintings, Drawings, Prints and Works on Paper, Sculptures

Ipek Blask’s specialisation in modern and contemporary art evolved over many years working in leading contemporary art galleries in Munich where she was responsible for pricing and cataloguing objects for acquisitions and sales. This ultimately culminated in her intensive involement in the very successful auction of the ‘Haus der Kunst Collection’ at NEUMEISTER in 2006. Ipek Blask, who studied art history, Islamic art and archaeology in Bamberg, now works in our core segment MODERN & CONTEMPORARY ART where she is responsible for valuations and the professional cataloguing of works on paper, prints and sculptures. Ipek Blask would be pleased to provide expertises and valuations on 20th and 21st-century items as well as advice on selling artworks. 


Sabine von Poschinger, Expertin Schmuck

Schmuck 18. bis 20. Jh., Diamanten, Edelsteine, Perlen

T +49 89 23 17 10 31
Donnerstags von 10 bis 16 Uhr

Nur nach Terminvereinbarung unter: info(at)

Beate Kalisch, Art & Jewels Consulting Ltd.

18th to 20th-Century Jewellery, Diamonds, Precious Stones, Pearls

Postfach 1141
40636 Meerbusch-Büderich
T +49 (0)2132 / 6 85 81 81
M/C +49 (0)178 / 8 00 72 35

After studying visual communication in Dusseldorf, Beate Kalisch first worked as a graphic designer and art director. In the late 1980s she decided to devote her career entirely to her great passion, historical jewellery, and opened an art and jewel consulting agency. She continued to expand her expert knowledge through specialist training, leading to her qualification as an authorised expert for ‘18th to 20th-century, historical European jewellery’, among others, and by attending seminars by Elisabeth Strack on natural and cultured pearls.


In 2002, Beate Kalisch, a native Rhinelander, successfully completed her qualification as a gemmologist and diamond valuer at the German Gemmological Society. In 2003 she consolidated her multifaceted activities to establish Beate Kalisch Art & Jewels Consulting Ltd., certified according to EN ISO 9001/2008 BUREAU VERITAS. From 2004 to 2011 she was head of the Jewellery and Watches department at Van Ham Fine Art Auctions in Cologne. Since late 2011, among other things, she has been working as a freelance expert and diamantaire in Antwerp. Parallel to this, she organises courses at the Watches, Jewellery and Gems Educational Centre (USE) in Pforzheim. Since January 2014 Beate Kalisch has been on the NEUMEISTER team as our external expert and representative for European precious objects (mainly from the 18th to 20th centuries), jewellery and jewels. 

Estates, Art Collections, Special Sales

Susanne Richter M.A.

Customer Service Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, Special Sales


In more than 20 years working as a specialist for various renowned Munich auction houses, Susanne Richter has acquired a profound knowledge in the field of 19th Century Art, as well as Modern and Contemporary Art.

With her many years of experience, she is a competent contact person for the appraisal and valuation of individual objects, collections and estates. With great expertise and care, she is able to advise customers with confidence and discretion regarding the sale and purchase of collectors pieces and works of art.

Following her organisation of the extremely successful charity auction, held in aid of Hilfsverein Nymphenburg e.V. to celebrate the 85th birthday of H.R.H Duke Franz of Bavaria in the summer of 2018, Susanne Richter is also your contact for special auctions at NEUMEISTER.